Army Day in the Republika Srpska Date in the current year: May 12, 2023

Army Day in the Republika Srpska Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two entities – the Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Both entities have their own holidays. For instance, the Republika Srpska annually observes Army Day on May 12.

The Army of the Republika Srpska was created on May 12, 1992. It was formed from the remnants of the Yugoslav People's Army aiming to protect people living in this region. The heads of Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to support the formation of the army only after the eruption of Bosnian War. The troops were allowed to keep the heavy weapons, which formed the backbone of a new army.

The Army of the Republika Srpska existed separately from the Bosnian army till 2003, when it started integration into the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The integration finished in 2006 and the Army of the Republika Srpska came under control of the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although the Army of the Republika Srpska doesn't exist any more, the day of its formation is still observed. People still hope for gaining independence and renewal of armed forces.

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