Generalissimo Day in North Korea Date in the current year: February 14, 2024

Generalissimo Day in North Korea In 2014, a new public holiday was added to the holiday calendar of North Korea. Generalissimo Day is celebrated on February 14. It honors late leader Kim Jong-il who posthumously received the title Taewŏnsu (Generalissimo of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea).

Taewŏnsu is the highest possible military rank in the DPRK. It was created in 1992 to honor the country's founder and leader Kim Il-sung on his 80th birthday. Kim Jong-il, Kim Il-sung's son and successor, was awarded the title posthumously in February 2012, on what would have been his 71th birthday.

Kim Jong-il became the Supreme Leader of North Korea in 1994, following his father's death. He was the center of the North Korean cult of personality inherited from his father. For instance, the song No Motherland Without You (also known as the Ode to Kim Jong-il) was created in his honor and frequently broadcast on the radio.

Kim Jong-il died on December 17, 2011 of a heart attack. Two months later, he was posthumously awarded the title Generalissimo. Generalissimo Day is not the only Korean public holiday dedicated to Kim Jong-il. On February 16, the country celebrates Kim Jong-il's birthday, also referred to as the Day of Shining Star.

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