Religious Holidays

01/07/2024Christmas in Eastern Christianity
01/25/2024Tatiana Day / Students’ Day in Russia
03/14/2024Orthodox Book Day in Russia
05/05/2024Easter in Eastern Christianity
05/06/2024Saint George’s Day in Eastern Christianity
06/23/2024Pentecost in Eastern Christianity

Ecological Observances

01/11/2024Nature Reserves and National Parks Day in Russia
03/22/2024Baltic Sea Day
05/11/2024National Forest Planting Day in Russia
05/12/2024Environmental Education Day in Russia
05/20/2024Volga Day in Russia
06/02/2024Coastal Cleanup Day in Russia
07/06/2024Dnieper Day
09/01/2024Lake Baikal Day in Russia
11/12/2024Tit Day in Russia
11/24/2024Walrus Day in Russia

Professional Days

01/12/2024Public Prosecutor Office Professionals Day in Russia
01/13/2024Russian Press Day
01/21/2024Postgraduate Student Day in Russia
01/23/2024Unofficial Programmers’ Day in Russia
02/07/2024Russian Business Education Day
02/08/2024Day of Russian Science
02/09/2024Civil Aviation Day in Russia
02/10/2024Diplomatic Employee Day in Russia
02/19/2024Ornithologist Day in Russia
02/27/2024Special Operations Forces Day in Russia
03/10/2024Day of Geodesy and Cartography Workers in Russia
03/11/2024Day of Drug Control Authorities in Russia
03/12/2024Workers of the Penal System of the Ministry of Justice of Russia Day
03/25/2024Cultural Worker's Day in Russia
03/27/2024National Guard Forces Command Day in Russia
04/07/2024Geologist Day
04/08/2024Day of Military Commissariat Employees
04/14/2024Air Defense Forces Day
04/15/2024Day of Radio-Electronic Fight Troops in Russia
04/17/2024Veterans' Day of Internal Affairs Bodies and Internal Troops in Russia
04/19/2024Russian Printing Industry Day
04/22/2024Unofficial Programmers’ Day in Russia
04/30/2024Day of Fire Service in Russia
05/07/2024Radio Day
05/13/2024Black Sea Fleet Day in Russia
05/18/2024Baltic Fleet Day in Russia
05/21/2024Polar Explorer's Day in Russia
05/26/2024Russian Entrepreneurship Day
05/26/2024Chemical Industry Workers' Day
05/28/2024Border Guard Day in Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan
06/05/2024Ecologist's Day in Russia
06/08/2024Social Workers’ Day in Russia
06/09/2024Light Industry Workers Day
06/16/2024Health Worker's Day
06/29/2024Day of Inventors and Innovators in Russia and Belarus
06/29/2024Shipbuilders’ Day in Russia
07/03/2024Traffic Patrol Day in Russia
07/07/2024Day of Water Transport Workers in Russia and Belarus
07/14/2024Day of the Russian Post
07/14/2024Fisherman’s Day in Russia and Ukraine
07/21/2024Day of Metallurgist
07/27/2024Retail Trade Worker's Day in Russia
07/28/2024Navy Day in Russia
08/01/2024Day of the Rear Services of the Armed Forces in Russia
08/01/2024Technical Support Worker Day in Russia
08/02/2024Airborne Forces Day
08/04/2024Railroad Workers' Day in Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan
08/11/2024Builders' Day
08/12/2024Air Force Day in Russia
08/15/2024Archaeologist Day
08/18/2024Air Force Day in Russia and Belarus
08/18/2024Aviation Workers’ Day in Russia
08/18/2024Geographer’s Day in Russia
08/21/2024Russian Officers Day
08/25/2024Miner's Day
08/27/2024Russian Cinema Day
08/31/2024Long-Haul Truck Driver Day in Russia
09/01/2024Day of Oil, Gas and Petroleum Industry
09/02/2024Day of Russian Guards Units
09/02/2024Patrol Police Day in Russia
09/04/2024Nuclear Provision Expert's Day in Russia
09/07/2024Fish Farmer Day in Russia
09/08/2024Financier's Day in Russia
09/08/2024Tank Crewman's Day in Russia
09/15/2024Forestry and Timber Industry Worker's Day
09/19/2024Arms Designer Day in Russia
09/21/2024Human Resource Manager Day
09/21/2024Surgeon Day
09/27/2024Day of Preschool Employees in Russia
09/28/2024Nuclear Industry Worker's Day
09/29/2024Mechanical Engineer's Day
09/29/2024Otorhinolaryngologist Day in Russia
10/01/2024Ground Forces Day in Russia
10/04/2024Russian Space Forces Day
10/13/2024Agricultural Workers' Day in Russia
10/13/2024Military Hydrographer Day in Russia
10/16/2024Allergist Day in Russia
10/17/2024Primary Care Physician Day in Russia
10/20/2024Signal Officers Day in Russia
10/20/2024Food Industry Workers' Day
10/20/2024Road Sector Workers' Day in Russia
10/24/2024Special Forces Day in Russia
10/25/2024Custom Officer's Day in Russia
10/27/2024Day of Automobile Workers
10/30/2024Coach Day in Russia
11/01/2024Bailiff Day in Russia
11/05/2024Military Intelligence Day in Russia and Armenia
11/09/2024Special Rapid Response Unit Day in Russia
11/10/2024Police Day in Russia
11/11/2024Economist Day in Russia
11/13/2024Day of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops in Russia
11/14/2024Sociologist Day in Russia
11/15/2024Conscript's Day in Russia
11/16/2024Structural Engineer Day in Russia
11/17/2024District Police Officer Day in Russia
11/19/2024Missile Troops and Artillery Day
11/19/2024Glass Industry Workers’ Day
11/19/2024Tertiary Education Workers Day in Russia
11/20/2024Transport Workers Day in Russia
11/21/2024Taxation Authorities Workers' Day in Russia
11/21/2024Accountant Day in Russia
11/22/2024Psychologist Day in Russia
11/25/2024Russian Military Peacekeepers’ Day
11/26/2024Shoemaker Day
11/27/2024Marines Day in Russia
11/27/2024Appraiser Day in Russia
12/01/2024Ice Hockey Day in Russia
12/01/2024MLM Day in Russia
12/02/2024Bank Employee Day in Russia
12/03/2024Lawyer's Day in Russia
12/04/2024Computer Science Day in Russia
12/06/2024Main Directorate for Drug Control Day in Russia
12/08/2024Artist’s Day
12/14/2024Helicopter Industry Day in Russia
12/20/2024Security Service Workers' Day
12/22/2024Energy Industry Day
12/27/2024Emergency Rescuer's Day in Russia

Unofficial Holidays

01/14/2024Old New Year
01/29/2024Cyber Monday in Russia
02/07/2024Fire Extinguisher Day in Russia
03/19/2024Clients' Day
04/07/2024Runet Day
05/30/2024Okroshka Day in Russia
08/19/2024Russian Telnyashka Day
09/11/2024Day of Sobriety in Russia
09/21/2024Juice Day in Russia
11/18/2024Ded Moroz’s Birthday in Russia

Anniversaries and Memorial Days

01/27/2024Day of Lifting of the Siege of Leningrad in Russia
02/02/2024Victory in the Battle of Stalingrad in Russia
02/15/2024Memorial Day of Warriors-Internationalists
03/28/2024Day of the Revival of the Balkar People
04/07/2024Deceased Submariners Remembrance Day in Russia
04/18/2024Battle on the Ice Day in Russia
04/19/2024Day of Adoption of Crimea, Taman and Kuban into the Russian Empire
04/26/2024Memorial Day for the Liquidators and Victims of Radiation Accidents and Catastrophes
04/27/2024Day of Russian Parliamentarism
05/03/2024Day of the Revival of the Karachay People in Karachay-Cherkessia
06/22/2024Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Great Patriotic War
06/29/2024Day of Partisans and Underground Resistance in Russia
07/07/2024Battle of Chesma Day in Russia
07/10/2024Battle of Poltava Day in Russia
07/15/2024Day of the Baptism of Rus’
07/28/2024Day of the Baptism of Rus’
08/01/2024Memorial Day for the Victims of World War I in Russia
08/09/2024Battle of Gangut Day in Russia
08/22/2024Flag Day in Russia
08/23/2024Victory over Germany in the Battle of Kursk in Russia
09/03/2024Anniversary of the End of WWII in Russia
09/03/2024Solidarity Against Terrorism Day in Russia
09/08/2024Day of the Battle of Borodino in Russia
09/09/2024Memorial Day for the Victims of the Crimean War
09/11/2024Battle of Tendra Day in Russia
09/21/2024Battle of Kulikovo Day in Russia
10/09/2024Battle of the Caucasus Day in Russia
10/24/2024Rocket Engineer Remembrance Day
10/30/2024Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Political Repressions in Russia
11/07/2024Anniversary of the 1941 October Revolution Day Parade in Russia
12/01/2024Battle of Sinop Day in Russia
12/03/2024Day of the Unknown Soldier in Russia
12/05/2024Battle of Moscow Day in Russia
12/05/2024Volunteer Day in Russia
12/09/2024Heroes of Fatherland Day in Russia
12/11/2024St. Andrew’s Flag Day in Russia
12/12/2024Constitution Day in Russia
12/24/2024Siege of Izmail Day in Russia
12/28/2024Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Deportation of the Kalmyks

Cultural Observances

02/06/2024Sami National Day
02/10/2024Death Anniversary of Alexander Pushkin in Russia
03/01/2024Jigit Day
04/02/2024Unity of Peoples of Russia and Belarus Day
04/08/2024Russian Animation Day
04/13/2024Day of Patrons and Philanthropists in Russia
04/25/2024Chuvash Language Day
04/26/2024Tatar Language Day
05/05/2024Europe Day in the Council of Europe
05/18/2024Kalmyk Tea Day
05/27/2024Libraries Day
06/25/2024Day of Friendship and Unity of the Slavs
07/08/2024Family, Love and Faith Day in Russia
12/07/2024Hermitage Day in Saint Petersburg
12/10/2024Mari Alphabet Day
12/14/2024Bashkir Language Day

Public Holidays

02/23/2024Defender of the Fatherland Day
03/08/2024International Women’s Day
05/01/2024International Workers’ Day (Labor Day)
05/09/2024Victory Day
05/24/2024Saint Cyril and Methodius Day in the Eastern Orthodox Church
06/12/2024Russia Day
11/04/2024Unity Day in Russia

Other Observances

03/30/2024Homeless Persons Day in Russia
04/20/2024National Donor Day in Russia
04/21/2024Day of Local Self-Government in Russia
06/11/2024Multiple Sclerosis Day in Russia
06/29/2024Youth Day in Russia
10/20/2024Father’s Day in Russia
11/24/2024Mother's Day in Russia

International Observances

06/01/2024International Day for Protection of Children
09/01/2024Knowledge Day

Folk Festivals

07/07/2024Ivan Kupala Day