Latvian Freedom Fighters' Remembrance Day Date in the current year: August 11, 2024

Latvian Freedom Fighters' Remembrance Day Latvian Freedom Fighters' Remembrance Day (also known as Commemoration Day of the Latvian Freedom Fighters) is observed on August 11 every year. It was established in 1995 to commemorate those who died during the Latvian War of Independence in 1918-1920.

Latvia became part of the Russian Empire in the early 18th century. The Russian Revolution of 1917, which led to the collapse of the empire, gave Latvia an opportunity to proclaim independence. Latvia declared itself an independent state on November 18, 1918.

In December, Soviet Russia invaded the newly independent republic and conquered almost all its territory. So the Latvian War of Liberation began. It involved the provisional government of Latvia supported by Estonia, Poland, Lithuania and the Allied Powers against the Soviet Russia and Latvian Socialist Soviet Republic proclaimed by the Bolsheviks.

On August 11, 1920, the Republic of Latvia and Soviet Russia signed the Treaty of Riga, which officially ended the Latvian War of Liberation. The anniversary of this treaty was declared a remembrance day for the people who gave their lives for the independence of Latvia. According to reports, over 3,000 Latvian soldiers were killed during the war.

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