Evacuation Day in Egypt Date in the current year: June 18, 2019

Evacuation Day in Egypt Egypt annually celebrates Evacuation Day on June 18. This is one of the widely celebrated national holidays, however, public institutions, ministries and offices remain open.

Britain occupied Egypt in 1882. Occupation lasted till 1952, when the Egyptian coup began on July 23. The coup led to overthrow, abdication and exile of King Farouk, who ruled the county from 1920. As a result, the Republic of Egypt was proclaimed and British occupation was ended. In 1954 Britain and Egypt signed the Anglo-Egyptian Agreement, under which Britain had to withdraw its forces during the next 20 months.

The last British soldier left territory of independent Egypt on June 13, 1956. On June 18 a solemn ceremony was held, during which President of Egypt rose the national flag above the last freed building in Port Said, thus officially stating the end of British troops withdrawal. Evacuation Day annually celebrates this event on June 18. Celebrations of this holiday are held across the country.

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