Anniversaries and Memorial Days

01/14/2024Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan’s Birthday in Malaysia
02/20/2024Independence Proclamation Day in Malacca
03/04/2024Sultan of Terengganu Coronation Anniversary in Malaysia
03/23/2024Sultan of Johor’s Birthday in Malaysia
04/15/2024Declaration of Malacca City as a Historical City in Malacca
04/26/2024Sultan of Terengganu’s Birthday in Malaysia
05/17/2024Raja of Perlis’s Birthday in Malaysia
05/22/2024Hari Hol Pahang in Malaysia
06/16/2024Sultan of Kedah’s Birthday in Malaysia
07/07/2024George Town UNESCO Heritage Day in Penang
07/13/2024Penang State Governor’s Birthday in Malaysia
07/22/2024Sarawak Independence Day in Malaysia
07/30/2024Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday in Malaysia
07/31/2024Warriors' Day in Malaysia
08/12/2024Death Anniversary of Sultan Iskandar of Johor
08/24/2024Malacca Governor’s Birthday in Malaysia
08/31/2024North Borneo Self-Government Day in Sabah
09/29/2024Sultan of Kelantan’s Birthday in Malaysia
09/30/2024Sultan of Kelantan’s Birthday in Malaysia
10/05/2024Sabah State Governor’s Birthday in Malaysia
10/12/2024Sarawak Governor’s Birthday in Malaysia
11/01/2024Sultan of Perak’s Birthday in Malaysia
12/11/2024Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday in Mayalsia

Religious Holidays

03/11/2024First Day of Ramadan
03/27/2024Nuzul Al-Qur’an
03/29/2024Good Friday in Western Christianity
04/10/2024Eid al-Fitr
06/17/2024Eid al-Adha
07/08/2024Islamic New Year
08/18/2024Ghost Festival
09/16/2024Mawlid (Birth of the Prophet)
10/03/2024Nine Emperor Gods Festival

Public Holidays

02/01/2024Federal Territory Day in Malaysia
02/10/2024Lunar (Chinese) New Year
05/01/2024International Workers’ Day (Labor Day)
05/22/2024Vesak (Buddha's Day)
06/01/2024Birthday of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in Malaysia
08/31/2024Independence Day in Malaysia (Hari Merdeka)
09/16/2024Malaysia Day (Hari Malaysia)

Other Observances

05/12/2024Mother’s Day
06/16/2024Father's Day
10/26/2024Children's Day in Malaysia

Professional Days

05/16/2024Teachers’ Day in Malaysia
09/16/2024Armed Forces Day in Malaysia

Cultural Observances

05/30/2024Kaamatan in Sabah and Labuan
05/31/2024Gawai Dayak in Sarawak
05/31/2024Kaamatan in Sabah and Labuan
06/01/2024Gawai Dayak in Sarawak

Ecological Observances

06/09/2024Coral Triangle Day