National Veterans Day in Indonesia Date in the current year: August 10, 2024

National Veterans Day in Indonesia On August 10 every year, Indonesians celebrate National Veterans Day (Hari Veteran Nasional). It is an official observance that was established in 2014 by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s decree.

The date of National Veterans Day was chosen because of its historical significance: it marks an important milestone in the Indonesian War of Independence. By the end of 1948, the Dutch captured all major Republican-held cities in Java and Sumatra. However, Republicans refused to surrender and continued to fight for their country’s independence. On August 10, 1949, they launched a large-scale attack against the Dutch and recaptured Surakarta. This victory paved the way for the Dutch-Indonesian Round Table Conference that resulted in the recognition of Indonesian independence.

National Veterans Day commemorates the recapture of Surakarta during the Indonesian National Revolution and honors all people who fought for the independence of Indonesia, protected the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, or took part in peacekeeping operations. The holiday is marked with patriotic events, many of which are organized by the Veterans’ Legion of Indonesia.

The Veterans’ Legion of Indonesia (Legiun Veteran Republik Indonesia) was established in 1957. It is the national veterans organization of Indonesia that serves veterans of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (INAF) and their families. A member of the World Veterans Federation, it is governed by the Law on the Veterans of the Republic of Indonesia passed in 1967.

According to the law, the Legion must serve the needs of three categories of military veterans:

  • those who fought for the Republic during the Indonesian National Revolution, either in the INAF or in guerilla organizations and independence militias;
  • those who served in the INAF during regional rebellions of 1950–1961, Operation Trikora (annexation of Western New Guinea), the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation, Operation Lotus (Indonesian invasion of East Timor), and the Indonesian occupation of East Timor;
  • INAF veterans and retired personnel who served in UN peacekeeping deployments abroad and in peacetime national defense operations from 1957 onward.

On August 10, all these people receive congratulations and expressions of gratitude for their service. In addition, memorial ceremonies are held in honor of deceased veterans.

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