Birthday of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark Date in the current year: May 26, 2024

Birthday of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark On May 26, Denmark celebrates the birthday of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark. Although it is not an official public holiday, it is considered an important date in the Denmark's calendar because Frederik is the heir apparent to the throne.

Prince Frederik of Denmark was born on May 26, 1968 to Princess Margrethe (future Queen Margrethe II of Denmark) and Prince Henrik. He was named Frederik according to the royal tradition of naming the heir apparent either Christian or Frederik. In 1972, his mother ascended the throne as Margrethe II and Frederik became Crown Prince of Denmark.

Frederik studied political science at Aarhus University and spent a year abroad studying at Harvard University. After graduation he worked at the Danish Embassy in Paris. He has also completed extensive military studies and training.

In 2000, he met Mary Elizabeth Donaldson at the Sydney Olympics. They began dating, and in 2003 the Queen gave her consent to their marriage. The couple married in 2004. They have four children together.

Crown Prince Frederik has a special interest in climate research, he supports a number of scientific research projects. He is also a patron of various sports organization and an avid supporter of an active lifestyle.

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