Mannam Jayanti in Kerala Date in the current year: January 2, 2024

Mannam Jayanti in Kerala The birthday of Mannathu Padmanabhan Pillai, commonly referred to as Mannam Jayanti, is a public holiday in the Indian state of Kerala. It honors an Indian social reformer and freedom fighter, who is best known for representing the Nair community (a group of Hindu casts that historically lived in what is now Kerala).

Mannathu Padmanabhan Pillai, also known as Mannam, was born on January 2, 1878. At the age of fifteen, he started teaching at a local primary school. When Mannam was 27, he chose another career path and started practicing law. His career as an activist and politician began in 1914, when he co-founded the Nair Service Society (NSS).

The main objectives of the NSS were to unify the Nairs of Kerala, which back then was part of the princely sate of Travancore, to free their community from superstitions, taboos and outdated customs, and to create a network of educational and social institutions in order to promote the social advancement, welfare and political rights of the Nairs. In 1915, Mannam gave up his law practice to concentrate on his duties as the full-time secretary of the NSS. He was involved with the society as its secretary for 31 years and served as its president for three years.

In addition to his work with the Nair Service Society, Mannam fought for social equality and against caste-based discrimination. He participated in several satyagrahas (nonviolent social protests), including the 1924 Vaikom Satyagraha and the 1931 Guruvayur Satyagraha. He also revived abandoned Hindu temples and opened them to low caste Hindus. Thanks to his efforts, the government of Travancore opened all Hindu temples to people belonging to low castes in 1936.

In the 1940s, Mannam participated in the Indian independence movement, for which he was briefly arrested in 1947. In 1949, two years after the proclamation of India’s independence, Mannam was elected to the Travancore Legislative Assembly.

In 1956, the state of Kerala split from Travancore. Its first chief minister was E. M. S. Namboodiripad, who, unlike most other chief ministers, represented the Communist Party of India rather than the Indian National Congress. Some of his reforms were controversial and were met with resistance from other parties and some organizations, including the NSS, which formed a united opposition against the communist-led state government. After a year of protests, which Mannam actively participated in, the federal government dismissed the communist government of Kerala.

In 1964, Mannam became one of the co-founders of Kerala Congress, India’s first regional political party that split from the Indian National Congress. He remained active in the political life of Kerala until his death in 1970.

After Mannathu Padmanabhan Pillai’s death, the government of Kerala proclaimed his birthday a public holiday in order to recognize Mannam’s contributions as an outstanding freedom fighter, social reformer and politician who dedicated his life to the development of Kerala. Mannam Jayanti is marked by various events to honor his memory.

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