Battle of Salta Day in Argentina Date in the current year: February 20, 2024

Battle of Salta Day in Argentina February 20 is Battle of Salta Day in Argentina. In 2013, it was celebrated as a public holiday to mark the 200th anniversary of the battle.

The Battle of Salta was one of the most important battles during the Argentine War of Independence. It took place on the plains of Castañares, north of the present-day city of Salta. In this battle, the troops of the United Provinces of South America defeated the royalist army under the command of general Pío de Tristán. The royalists surrendered unconditionally, giving up their weapons.

It was the second victory of the Army of the North over the royalists. In September 1812, the royalist troops were defeated in the Battle of Tucumán. The victory in the Battle of Salta strengthened the position of the Argentine patriotic forces and ensured their control over most of the northern territories of the Río de la Plata Basin.

Although the Battle of Salta Day is not observed as a public holiday each year, it still is an important memorable date in the calendar of Argentina.

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