Rotuma Day in Fiji Date in the current year: May 13, 2024

Rotuma Day in Fiji Rotuma Day is an annual holiday celebrated on the island of Rotuma, a Fijian dependency. It commemorates the anniversary of the island's cession to the UK in 1881.

The dependency of Rotuma consists of Rotuma Island and nearby islets. It is home to the Rotuman people, a small but unique indigenous ethnic group. The first Europeans to visit Rotuma were the crew of HMS Pandora under the leadership of Captain Edward Edwards in the late 18th century.

Throughout the 19th century, Rotuma became home to many runaway sailors. In the mid-19th century, two groups of missionaries arrived on the island. Rivalry between the two groups, fueled by the conflicts among local chiefs, forced the chiefs to ask the United Kingom to annex Rotuma and its neighboring islets.

Rotuma was officially ceded to Britain on May 13, 1881. It became part of Fiji. The anniversary of the cession is now observed annually as Rotuma Day. It is celebrated not only by the islanders, but also by the people of Rotuman descent living outside the island.

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