Merchant Navy Day Date in the current year: September 3, 2024

Merchant Navy Day September 3 is a memorial day in Great Britain and Canada. This is Merchant Navy Day (in GB) or Merchant Navy Remembrance Day (in Canada).

The Merchant Navy of Great Britain has played a significant role in the British history. It suffered severe losses from German U-boat attacks during World War I and II. Around 32,000 merchant seafarers were killed during two wars, but along with the Royal Navy the convoys successfully imported enough supplies to allow an Allied victory.

Canadian Merchant Navy was created in 1939 in a few hours after the country officially entered World War II. Although Canadian Merchant Navy was relatively young, it played a major role in the Battle for the Atlantic, bolstering up the British Merchant Navy, that suffered high losses.

Merchant Navy Day became an official remembrance day on September 3, 2000 in Great Britain. Before introduction of this day Merchant Navy veterans were remembered on the annual Remembrance Day. In 2001 Canada created Merchant Navy Remembrance Day that also designated September 3 to recognize the contribution and sacrifice of Canadian merchant seafarers to the victory in World War II.

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