Public Holidays

01/01/2024Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic
05/01/2024May Day
05/08/2024Victory in Europe Day
07/05/2024Saints Cyril and Methodius Day in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
08/29/2024Slovak National Uprising Anniversary
09/01/2024Constitution Day in Slovakia
09/15/2024Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows in Slovakia
11/17/2024Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
12/26/2024Saint Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day

Religious Holidays

01/06/2024Epiphany in Western Christianity
03/29/2024Good Friday in Western Christianity
04/01/2024Easter Monday in Western Christianity
11/01/2024All Saints’ Day in Western Christianity
12/24/2024Christmas Eve in Western Christianity

Anniversaries and Memorial Days

03/25/2024Struggle for Human Rights Day in Slovakia
04/13/2024Unfairly Prosecuted Persons Day in Slovakia
05/04/2024Death Anniversary of Milan Rastislav Štefánik in Slovakia
06/07/2024Anniversary of the Memorandum of the Slovak Nation
07/17/2024Independence Day in Slovakia
09/09/2024Day of the Victims of Holocaust and of Racial Violence in Slovakia
09/19/2024Day of the First Public Appearance of the Slovak National Council
10/06/2024Dukla Pass Victims Day in Slovakia
10/27/2024Černová Tragedy Day in Slovakia
10/29/2024Ľudovít Štúr's Birthday in Slovakia
10/30/2024Anniversary of the Declaration of the Slovak Nation
12/30/2024Day of the Declaration of Slovakia as an Independent Ecclesiastic Province

Professional Days

03/28/2024Teachers' Day in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Cultural Observances

05/05/2024Europe Day in the Council of Europe
05/09/2024Europe Day in the European Union
06/25/2024Day of Friendship and Unity of the Slavs
08/04/2024Matica Slovenská Day in Slovakia

Other Observances

05/12/2024Mother’s Day
06/16/2024Father's Day

International Observances

06/01/2024International Day for Protection of Children
08/02/2024Roma Holocaust Memorial Day