Prekmurje Union Day in Slovenia Date in the current year: August 17, 2024

Prekmurje Union Day in Slovenia Prekmurje Union Day is a memorial day in Slovenia, that is annually observed on August 17. This holiday celebrates the day, when the Slovenes of Prekmurje reunited with the mother nation.

Prekmurje is a historic region in eastern Slovenia. It lays between the Mur River in Slovenia, and the Raba Valley in the most western part of Hungary. Since this region was settled by Slovens, it maintains specific Slovenian traditions and customs.

Prekmurje was invaded by Hungarians in the 10th century and became part of the Kingdom of Hungary. In the 16th century the Kingdom of Hungary ceased to exist and its territory was divided between the Habsburg Monarchy and the Ottoman Empire. Prekmurje became a part of the Monarchy. After dissolution of the Habsburg Monarchy in 1918 the region became a part of the Hungarian Democratic Republic. In 1919 the short-lived Republic of Prekmurje was proclaimed and subsequently it was included into to Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Yugoslavia). Prekmurje became a part of an independent Slovenia only in 1991.

Prekmurje Union Day is celebrated on August 17, that marks the day, when Prekmurje was included into the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1919. This holiday was established in 2006, but people don't get an additional day off.

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