Veterans' Day in Thailand Date in the current year: February 3, 2024

Veterans' Day in Thailand February 3 is annual celebration of Veterans' Day in Thailand. This day commemorates the foundation day of the War Veterans Organization of Thailand.

The official remembrance ceremony takes place at Victory Monument in Bangkok. The monument was erected in 1941 to commemorate the victory of Thailand in Franco-Thai War. This war was a brief conflicts waged against the French colonial authorities in Indo-China. The conflict resulted in Thailand annexing some territories in Laos and Cambodia. These territories originally belonged to the Kingdom of Siam before the forced ceding to France in 1893 and 1904.

Red poppy is a symbolic flower in Thailand, as well in other countries. It's the symbol of peace, that reminds us about the people, who died in fights for freedom. Red color symbolizes blood shed in the battles.

Red poppies are sold on Veterans' Day in Thailand under the initiative of the War Veterans Organization. The money from the sales of poppies are given to the veterans and their families.

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