Public Holidays

01/24/2024Unification Day in Romania
05/01/2024International Workers’ Day (Labor Day)
12/01/2024Great Union Day / National Day in Romania
12/26/2024Saint Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day

Anniversaries and Memorial Days

02/19/2024Brâncuși Day in Romania
03/10/2024Székely Freedom Day in Romania
03/21/2024Oltenia Day in Romania
03/27/2024Day of the Union of Bessarabia with Romania
05/10/2024Independence Day in Romania
06/04/2024Trianon Treaty Day in Romania
06/26/2024National Flag Day in Romania
07/29/2024National Anthem Day in Romania
08/23/2024Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Fascism and Communism in Romania
10/09/2024National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust in Romania
11/14/2024Dobruja Day in Romania
11/28/2024Bukovina Day in Romania
12/08/2024Constitution Day in Romania

Folk Festivals

03/01/2024Mărțișor in Moldova and Romania
06/23/2024St John's Eve
06/24/2024St John's Day (Midsummer)

Cultural Observances

03/20/2024International Francophonie Day
05/05/2024Europe Day in the Council of Europe
05/09/2024Europe Day in the European Union
05/23/2024Aromanian National Day
08/31/2024Romanian Language Day

Religious Holidays

05/03/2024Good Friday in Eastern Christianity
05/05/2024Easter in Eastern Christianity
05/06/2024Easter Monday in Eastern Christianity
05/19/2024Pentecost in Western Christianity and Armenia
06/24/2024Orthodox Whit Monday
08/15/2024Assumption of Mary
11/30/2024St. Andrew Day

Other Observances

05/05/2024Mother’s Day
05/12/2024Father's Day in Romania

International Observances

06/01/2024International Day for Protection of Children

Professional Days

06/17/2024National Aviation Day in Romania
07/20/2024Romanian Air Force Day
09/14/2024Engineer's Day in Romania
10/25/2024Armed Forces Day in Romania