Day of Finnish Music Date in the current year: December 8, 2024

Day of Finnish Music On December 8, Finland celebrates Day of Finnish Music. This date is the birth anniversary of Jean Sibelius, outstanding Finnish composer whose music greatly influenced the formation of the Finnish national identity.

Jean Sibelius was born on December 8, 1865. He was originally going to become a lawyer, but quit the studies after realizing that he was more interested in music. In 1885, he entered the Helsinki Music Institute.

Sibelius was a very prolific composer at the early stages of his career. He created seven symphonies, a number of symphonic poems and orchestral pieces, over 100 songs for voice and piano. Sibelius composed piano music, chamber music, choral music, incidental music. His oeuvre also includes one opera.

Some of Sibelius' pieces were inspired by the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. The most famous is the vocal symphony Kullervo based on the only irredeemably tragic character in Finnish mythology. Sibelius' Finlandia Hymn is one of the most important Finland's national songs, although not the national anthem.

Day of Finnish Music is not a flag day by law enforcement, but the Finnish flag is traditionally flown on the occasion to honor Sibelius and his contribution to the development of Finland's musical culture.

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