National Flag Day in Slovenia Date in the current year: April 7, 2024

National Flag Day in Slovenia National Flag Day in Slovenia is celebrated on April 7. It commemorates the anniversary of the day the Slovenian flag was first exposed in 1848.

Flags on many Slavic countries are based on the so-called Pan-Slavic colors – blue, white and red. Historically, they have been used in heraldry since at least the 13th century. The three colors were officially defined as Pan-Slavic by the Prague Slavic Congress in 1848, based on the Russian tricolor introduced in the 17th century.

The Slovene tricolor was first raised on a building between Prešeren Square and Congress Square in Ljubljana on April 7, 1848 by a group of nationally minded students led by poet and activist Lovro Toman who would later become a renowned revolutionary, conservative politician and member of the Austrian Parliament.

Slovenia preserved its white-blue-red flag when it was part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia but a red star was placed right in the middle of the flag. The present-day flag of Slovenia was adopted on June 25, 1991. It features three equal horizontal bands (white, blue and red) and the Slovenian coat of arms located in the upper hoist side.

Slovenian Flag Day is celebrated on April 7, the anniversary of the first exposure of the tricolor. It's not a public holiday so official ceremonies are often moved to the Sunday closest to April 7.

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