Nagasaki Peace Memorial Ceremony Date in the current year: August 9, 2024

Nagasaki Peace Memorial Ceremony Nagasaki Peace Memorial Ceremony is an annual vigil that takes place in the city of Nagasaki, Japan. It is dedicated to the victims of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki that occurred in August 1945.

As World War II was nearing its end, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. The bombing of Hiroshima took place on August 6, 1945. Three days later, it was followed by the bombing of Nagasaki. The two bombings killed over 129,000 people.

The bomb codenamed “Fat Man” was dropped by Bockscar, a Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber, which was piloted by Major Charles W. Sweeney. The estimates of total deaths caused by the bombing range from 39,000 to 80,000. The explosion and the subsequent fire severely damaged the Mitsubishi Steel Works and the Mitsubishi Arms Plant.

Victims of the Nagasaki bombing are commemorated om August 9 each year. Nagasaki Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in the Nagasaki Peace Park, which is located near the Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims. The Mayor of Nagasaki delivers a solemn speech on the occasion.

A similar Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in the city of Hiroshima on August 6. It commemorates the victims of the Hiroshima bombing.

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