Revolution Day in Tunisia Date in the current year: January 18, 2024

Revolution Day in Tunisia January 18 is Revolution Day in Tunisia. This is not a public holiday, however the flag of Tunisia is flown on every public and military building.

Tunisia was controlled by international financial commission after the country had declared itself bankrupt in 1869. The French invaded Tunisia in 1881 with an army counting about 36,000 soldiers and forced the Bey to sign the Treaty of Bardo, that officially made Tunisia a French protectorate.

Tunisia wanted full independence, which led to the uprising, that began on January 18, 1951. The French government introduced repressions, as the answer to the uprising. This caused the begin of struggle, that ended only in 1956.

Tunisia achieved independence in 1956. The country was led by president Habib Bourgiuba. His service among the leadership of the independent movement made him a major figure in the fight for independence. Bourguiba dominated the government of Tunisia since the proclamation of independence till 1987, when he was removed.

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