William Davis Miners' Memorial Day Date in the current year: June 11, 2024

William Davis Miners' Memorial Day June 11 is annual William Davis Miners' Memorial Day, that is also known as Miners' Memorial Day or Davis Day. The memorial day is observed annually by coal mining communities and people who recognized miners killed in the shafts in the Canadian province Nova Scotia.

Miners' Memorial Day commemorates the death of William Davis, a coal miner who was killed during the strike against shutting down drinking water supply and electricity to the town New Waterford (where the events took place) as a result of previous strikes.

William Davis was killed on June 11, 1925. Many other miners were seriously injured by police force. After Davis was shoot, company facilities were vandalized and looted.

After introduction of Davis Day miners of Nova Scotia vowed to never work on this day. However, when the last coal mine in Nova Scotia was closed, the importance of the day was muted. At the same time Davis Day evolved to become the remembrance day for all miners killed in shafts in the province.

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