Chuuk Constitution Day in Micronesia Date in the current year: October 1, 2024

Chuuk Constitution Day in Micronesia Since Micronesia is a federation, its states have their own official holidays in addition to public holidays celebrated nationwide. For example, each state has a Constitution Day commemorating the adoption of the state constitution; Chuuk Constitution Day is observed on October 1.

Chuuk is the most populous state of Micronesia. It consists of several island groups in the Chuuk Lagoon, previously known as Truk Atoll. The main islands of Chuuk are Fefan, Tonoas (Tonowas), Uman, and Weno. Chuuk was first settled by Austronesians; widespread human settlements appeared on the atoll around the 14th century.

The first European to sight Chuuk was the Spanish navigator Álvaro de Saavedra Cerón in 1528. The Spanish Empire later claimed it as part of the Caroline Islands, but struggled to maintain control of the archipelago. There were no major Spanish settlements in Chuuk, and the Chuukeese people maintained their traditional way of life for centuries.

In 1899, Spain lost the Spanish-American War, withdrew from the Pacific, and sold the Caroline Islands to Germany. During World War I, the islands were seized by the Japanese Navy. After the defeat of Germany, Chuuk became a Japanese possession under a League of Nations mandate. During World War II, Chuuk was captured by the United States. In 1947, it became part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands administered by the US.

On May 10, 1979, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Yap, and Kosrae ratified a new constitution and formed the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). This marked the beginning of Micronesia’s transition from trusteeship to independence. The FSM officially became an independent state in free association with the United States on November 3, 1986.

Since Micronesia is a federation, each of its states has a certain level of sovereignty and the ability to retain considerable power within the state, which is reflected in the state constitution. Chuuk was the last state to adopt a state constitution and the only one whose constitution took effect after the independence of Micronesia. The Chuuk State Constitution came into force on October 1, 1989. The anniversary of its entry into force is a public holiday in Chuuk – Chuuk Constitution Day.

The Chuuk State Constitution consists of a preamble and 15 articles: Territory, Supremacy, Declaration of Rights, Traditional Rights, Legislative, Executive, Judicial, Finance, Public Officers and Employers, Education and Health, General Provisions, Suffrage and Elections, Municipalities, Amendment, and Transition. It has been amended several time since its adoption, most recently in 2004.

As we’ve already mentioned above, Chuuk Constitution Day is one of four state constitution days celebrated in Micronesia. The other three are Kosrae Constitution Day (January 11), Pohnpei Constitution Day (November 8), and Yap Constitution Day (December 24). The adoption of the federal constitution is celebrated across Micronesia on May 10. It is one of the two most important national holidays in Micronesia, alongside Independence Day (November 3).Remind me with Google Calendar


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