Memorial Day for the Martyrs of Arad in Hungary Date in the current year: October 6, 2024

Memorial Day for the Martyrs of Arad in Hungary Memorial Day for the Martyrs of Arad is a remembrance day in Hungary. It annually takes place on October 6 to commemorate anniversary of the execution of Hungarian rebels generals in 1849 after the defeat of the Hungarian Revolution.

The Hungarian Revolution began in 1848 and it soon grew into a war for independence from Austrian Empire. The revolution started on March 15 in the city of Pest in a form of peaceful meeting. The crowd demanded to end all forms of censorship in the press. Their demands were accepted, and soon the Hungarians who wanted independence started a revolution.

The revolution was crushed by Russian and Austrian armies. Thirteen national leaders of the Hungarian Revolution were executed by the order of Austrian general Julius Jacob von Haynau in the city of Arad. Present-day Hungarians refer to them as to national heroes and martyrs, who gave their lives for freedom and independence of their people. Although not all generals were ethnic Hungarians, they fought for independence of Hungarians and they are also commemorated on October 6 every year.

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