Prince's Day in the Netherlands Date in the current year: September 17, 2024

Prince's Day in the Netherlands The third Tuesday in September annually marks Prince's Day (or Prinsjesdag) in the Netherlands. This is the day of the ceremonial opening of a new parliamentary year.

Prinsjesdag was used to name all public holidays, connected with the important dates in the life of the royal family of the House of Orange (birthdays, days of coronation, weddings etc.). But nowadays this term is applied only to one day, when the king or the queen of the Netherlands opens a new parliamentary year.

The head of the state officially arrives in the Golden Carriage, escorted by court dignitaries and military escort of honor, in Binnehof, that is a complex of buildings in The Hague, where the houses of the States General of the Netherlands, the Ministry of General Affairs and the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands are situated.

The monarch delivers a solemn speech at 1 P.M. from the throne. The head of the government announces the plans for the new parliamentary year and proposes the national budget for the next year. After the end of this ceremony the reigning monarch returns to the palace and salutes the gathered crowd from the balcony.

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