Jananeta Irawat’s Birthday in Manipur Date in the current year: September 30, 2024

Jananeta Irawat’s Birthday in Manipur Jananeta Irawat’s Birthday, celebrated on September 30, is an official holiday in the Indian state of Manipur. It was established to commemorate a prominent politician, social activist and revolutionary.

Jananeta Hijam Irawat Singh, also known as Hijam Irabot, was born on September 30, 1896 in Manipur. After losing both of his parents, he stayed with a friend whose father was an additional member of the Manipur State Durbar of Meidingngu Churachand. It was during that time that Irabot made acquaintance with the royal family and even married the Raja’s niece.

In 1934, Maharajah Churachand Singh founded Nikhil Hindu Manipuri Mahasabha, an organization tasked with protecting the interests of Manipuri Hindus and opposing the growing influence of Christianity. Although the Maharajah was the president of the organization, it was Hijam Irabot, the vice president, who carried out all the work. He eventually transformed the organization into a political party and took the word “Hindu” out of its name.

In 1939, a faction led by Irabot split from the original party and joined the second Nupi Lan (“women’s war”) — widespread protests against the massive export of rice by the British authorities. The following year, Irabot was arrested for his involvement in the protests and sent to jail in Sylhet (present-day Bangladesh).

While in jail, Irabot met Indian communist leaders and was greatly influenced by their ideas. Upon his release from prison in 1943, he settled in Assam, since he was not permitted to return to Manipur, and continued his political work. Irabot represented Cachar district at the first congress of the Communist Party of India in Mumbai and worked with the peasant movement of the Communist Party.

Irabot was arrested again in 1944, this time for his involvement with the Communist Party. He was released in January 1945, returned to Cachar and continued to be active in politics. Irabot even took part in the 1946 election to the Assam Legislative Assembly, but lost by a narrow margin.

In March 1946, Irabot finally got a permission to return to Manipur. Once there, he founded a new party named the Manipur Praja Mandal. In 1948, Irabot attended the second congress of the Communist Party of India and was instrumental in the formation of the Communist Party of Manipur.

In the summer of 1948, Irabot won a seat in the Manipur Legislative Assembly. However, shortly before his inauguration, he participated in protests against the formation of the state of Purbachal Pradesh. The Manipur state officials declared his political parties unlawful and issued a warrant for Irabot’s arrest. As a result, Irabol formed an underground Communist Party and participated in armed struggle against the government until his death on September 26, 1951.

Today, Hijam Irabot is regarded as a national hero in his home state of Manipur. His birthday was declared a state holiday. It is marked by wreath-laying ceremonies at monuments dedicated to Irabot, solemn processions, and other events and activities held across the state.

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