Anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty in Estonia Date in the current year: February 2, 2024

Anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty in Estonia February 2 is a day off in Estonia, because it's Anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty. This is a national holiday, that is annually celebrated by the Estonians.

The Tartu Peace Treaty was signed on February 2, 1920 by Jaan Poska (the Estonian side) and Adolf Joffe (the Russian side). It officially ended the Estonian War of Independence that lasted for 1 year, 2 months and 5 days. According to the treaty, the Soviet Russia recognized the independence of the Republic of Estonia de jure and renounced all rights to the territory of Estonia. The ratifications of the treaty were exchanged in Moscow on March 30 of the same year. The League of Nations registered the treaty on July 12, 1922.

The anniversary of signing of Tartu Peace Treaty is very important date for the Estonia. This date is considered as the birth day of the modern Republic of Estonia, because for the first time it was officially recognized as the state. Although some countries opposed the treaty (their leaders intended to keep Soviet Russia in international isolation) Estonia became a new independent European country.

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