Battle of Tendra Day in Russia Date in the current year: September 11, 2024

Battle of Tendra Day in Russia Battle of Tendra Day is one of the Days of Military Honor in Russia. It is observed in the Russian Armed Forces on September 11 to commemorate the naval Battle of Tendra which was fought during the Russo-Turkish War of 1787-1792.

The Days of Military Honor are special memorial days dedicated to Russia's most outstanding military victories. They were officialy established in 1995 by a special federal law. Most of these days are not public holidays and are celebrated purely in the military.

The Battle of Tendra was one of the most important naval battles of the Russo-Turkish War. It took place in the Black Sea near the Tendra Spit. The Russian fleet led by Fyodor Ushakov defeated the Ottoman fleet despite being outnumbered. Russian casualties were about 25 killed and 25 wounded, while Ottomans lost two battleships, three small crafts, and over 2,000 killed. 733 Ottomans were captured.

Russian victory at the Tendra Spit allowed the Russian Empire to control the Black Sea. It was one of Ushakov's most notable victories.

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