Public Holidays

01/01/2024Sovereignty Day in Iraq
01/06/2024Armed Forces Day in Iraq
03/06/2024National Day of Tolerance and Coexistence in Iraq
04/17/2024FAO Day in Iraq
05/01/2024International Workers’ Day (Labor Day)
07/14/2024Republic Day in Iraq
10/03/2024National Day in Iraq
12/10/2024Victory over Daesh Day in Iraq

Cultural Observances

02/10/2024Kurdish Authors Union Day
02/18/2024Kurdish Students Union Day
03/10/2024Kurdish Clothes Day

Anniversaries and Memorial Days

03/01/2024Mustafa Barzani Memorial Day in Iraqi Kurdistan
03/05/20241991 Rebellion Anniversary in Iraqi Kurdistan
03/07/2024Sulaymaniyah Liberation Day in Iraqi Kurdistan
03/13/2024Duhok Liberation Day in Iraqi Kurdistan
03/16/2024Halabja Remembrance Day in Iraqi Kurdistan
03/20/2024Kirkuk Liberation Day in Iraqi Kurdistan
04/09/2024Liberation Day in Iraqi Kurdistan
04/14/2024Anfal Genocide Memorial Day
04/16/2024Remembrance of Chemical Attack on Balisan and Sheikh Wasan in Iraqi Kurdistan
04/25/2024Anniversary of the First Cabinet of the Kurdish Government
05/16/2024Mass Graves Day in Iraq
06/13/2024Sulaymaniyah City Fallen and Martyrs Day in Iraqi Kurdistan
08/08/2024Ceasefire Day in Iraq
12/11/2024Establishment Anniversary of the Kurdish Women Union
12/17/2024Kurdish Flag Day

Other Observances

03/21/2024Mother's Day in the Arab World

Religious Holidays

04/10/2024Eid al-Fitr
06/17/2024Eid al-Adha
07/08/2024Islamic New Year
07/17/2024Day of Ashura
09/16/2024Mawlid (Birth of the Prophet)