Youth Pledge Day in Indonesia Date in the current year: October 28, 2024

Youth Pledge Day in Indonesia People of Indonesia annually observe Youth Pledge Day on October 28. This is an important observance, commemorating the 1928 Youth Pledge.

The Youth Pledge was a declaration made by young Indonesian nationalists on October 28, 1928 during the Second Youth Congress. The young nationalists proclaimed three ideals, one motherland, one language and one nation.

There were two youth congresses in Indonesia. The first 1926 congress didn't produce any formal decision, but at least it promoted the idea of a united Indonesia. The second congress, that was held on October 26-28 in 1928, became a turning point in the history of Indonesia. The congress consisted of three sessions, that were held at three different locations. The third session was the most important for the nation: many decisions were made and the participants of the congress heard Indonesia Raya, that later became Indonesian national anthem. The congress closed the session by reading the youth pledge.

Many Indonesians celebrate Youth Pledge Day by hanging red-and-white national flag of Indonesia outside the house and singing the national anthem.

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