Republic Day in Neuchâtel Date in the current year: March 1, 2024

Republic Day in Neuchâtel With the exception of Swiss National Day (August 1), Swiss cantons set their public holidays independently. For example, Republic Day is celebrated in the canton of Neuchâtel on March 1 every year.

The official name of Neuchâtel is the Republic and Canton of Neuchâtel (la République et Canton de Neuchâtel). Originally it was a principality rules by several dynasties. In 1707, it passed to King Frederick I of Prussia of the Hohenzollern dynasty.

In 1815, King Frederick William III of Prussia allowed Neuchâtel to join the Swizz Confederation as a full member. At the time, the Confederation was a confederacy of semi-independent states rather than a fully independent federation. Neuchâtel became the first and only monarchy in the Confederation, as the rest of the cantons were republican.

The situation changed in 1848 when Neuchâtel was established as a republic following a peaceful revolution. In the same year, Switzerland became a full-fledged federation. However, Frederick IV William wasn’t ready to give up on Neuchâtel, which eventually led to the Neuchâtel Crisis of 1856–1857. Prussia finally yielded its claim to Neuchâtel in 1857.

Republic Day in Neuchâtel is celebrated on March 1 to commemorate the 1848 revolution, which resulted in the canton becoming a republic.

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