Battle of Dybbøl Day in Denmark Date in the current year: April 18, 2024

Battle of Dybbøl Day in Denmark Battle of Dybbøl Day is a flag-flying day in the Danish military. It marks the anniversary of the key battle of the Second Schleswig War, in which Denmark was severely defeated by Prussia. The battle was fought on April 18, 1864.

In November 1863, King Christian IX of Denmark annexed the Duchy of Schleswig. The Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia responded by invading Jutland in January 1864. On April 7, Prussian troops started the siege of Dybbøl, a small town in Jutland where the Danish army had entrenched itself.

On the morning of April 18, the Prussians attacked the Dybbøl fort. Although the Danes managed a counterattack, Prussian troops threw them back. Ultimately, the Prussians won a decisive victory over the Danes, which predetermined the outcome of the Second Schleswig War.

A peace treaty was signed in Vienna on October 30, 1864. Denmark ceded the Duchies of Schleswig, Holstein, and Saxe-Lauenburg to Austria and Prussia.

The anniversary of the Battle of Dybbøl is a solemn memorial day in Denmark observed primarily in the military. On April 18, a national memorial is typically held in Dybbøl. It is attended by the soldiers of the Royal Danish Army clad in period uniforms.

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