Total Defense Day in Singapore Date in the current year: February 15, 2024

Total Defense Day in Singapore Total Defense Day in Singapore is observed annually on February 15, the anniversary of the surrender of the British to the Japanese in 1942. This holiday is very important for the Singaporeans, as they remember, what they might lose, if they are not able to defend themselves.

Total Defense is a defense strategy, that was adopted from other countries, like Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland. It consists of five major aspects:

  • Military Defense (Armed Forces) enhances peace and security in Singapore;
  • Civil Defense ensures the Singaporeans what to do in the times of an emergency;
  • Economic Defense maintains the economy of the country and its ability to compete in the world;
  • Social Defense keeps social fabric and ensures that the citizens live in harmony regardless of religion and race;
  • Psychological Defense is about loyalty and commitment to Singapore.

The major event of Total Defense Day in Singapore is a special alert signal that sounds through the island-wide Public Warning System and 10 local radio stations at 12:05 a.m. The listeners are explained what measures are to be taken for the three different types of the alert signals. A Civil Defense message is read at schools after the explanation of the signal to students.

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