Assault on Friedrichstadt Day in Denmark Date in the current year: October 4, 2024

Assault on Friedrichstadt Day in Denmark In the official calendar of Denmark, there are over twenty flag-flying days. They include national holidays, certain religious holidays, birthdays in the Royal Family, and a number of important military anniversaries. One of Denmark’s military flag-flying days is the anniversary of the assault on Friedrichstadt that occurred on October 4, 1850.

The assault on Friedrichstadt was the last major battle of the First Schleswig War, referred to as the Schleswig-Holstein War in Germany and as Three Years’ War in Denmark. It was fought between Denmark and the German Confederation over the issue of who should control the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein. The duchies were in personal union in Denmark, but many of their residents were pro-German and wanted to join the German Confederation.

The war lasted for three years, from 1848 to 1851. On July 2, 1850, Denmark and Prussia signed a peace treaty, according to which both parties reserved their antecedent rights, meaning that Schleswig and Holstein remained under Danish control. The duchies weren’t satisfied with the terms and continued fighting without Prussian support.

Danish troops were sent to Friedrichstadt in August 1850, following the defeat of the joint Schleswig-Holstein forces in the Battle of Isted. The Danish easily captured the town, but they understood that Schleswig and Holstein would attempt to take it back, so 1600 Danish soldiers stationed in Friedrichstadt began to prepare for a siege.

Schleswig-Holstein troops began the siege of Friedrichstadt on September 29, 1850, and launched a full-blown assault on October 4. Despite being largely outnumbered, Danish forces repelled the assault and defended the town, but at a great cost: a significant part of Friedrichstadt burned down in a fire, including the town hall and a 17th-century church.

Although there were a couple more minor battles and skirmishes after the assault on Friedrichstadt, the war was essentially over. Denmark did eventually lose Schleswig and Holstein in 1864, but the defense of Friedrichstadt is still considered a major victory in the military history of Denmark, and it’s anniversary was declared a flag day.

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