Memorial Day for the War Dead in Finland Date in the current year: May 19, 2024

Memorial Day for the War Dead in Finland Memorial Day for the War Dead is a remembrance day and an official flag day in Finland. It is held on the third Sunday in May each year.

Memorial Day for the War Dead honors everyone who has died in Finnish wars, armed conflicts or peacekeeping operations, no matter whether they died during fighting, as prisoners of war or were executed.

Finland was involved in four wars after gaining its independence from the Russian Empire, three of them taking place during the Second World War. The country lost about 30,000 people during the Finnish Civil War, almost 26,000 people during the Winter War, more than 63,000 people during the Continuation War, and about 1,000 people during the Lapland War.

However, this list excludes peacekeeping operations, the wars during the Swedish and the Russian rule, and the early Finnish wars. Finnish losses in all the wars in the country's history are literally uncountable.

On the third Sunday in May, the Finns mourn all those who gave their lives for their country. On this day, the flag of Finland is hoisted at 8 a. m. and lowered at 9 p. m. (on most flag days, it is flown until sunset, but in summer the flag has to be lowered not later than at 9 p. m. even if the sun has not set yet).

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