Opium Suppression Movement Day in Taiwan Date in the current year: June 3, 2024

Opium Suppression Movement Day in Taiwan June 3 is Opium Suppression Movement Day in Taiwan. The holiday commemorates burning of opium in the First Opium War. This holiday is observed in every city of Taiwan, but it's not an official day-off.

The First Opium War (1839-1842) was a conflict between Britain and China over the conflicting viewpoint on diplomatic relations, trade and administration of justice for foreign nationals. Britain wanted to expand its market and started auction grown in India opium in exchange for Chinese silver. This led to increasing number of opium addicts in China and alarmed officials.

The Emperor of China rejected proposal to legalize and tax opium and abolished trade with Britain. 20,000 chests of opium (approximately 2.66 million pounds or 1210 tons) were confiscated without offering the traders compensation and destroyed on June 3, 1839. The first battle began only in November, but the war was officially declared in 1840.

The war was won by the British. China signed the Treaty of Nanking, thus opening the Chinese market to global commerce and the opium trade. Hong Kong became a Crown colony and China compensated the loss of opium.

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