Day of the Martyrs of the Revolution in Cuba Date in the current year: July 30, 2024

Day of the Martyrs of the Revolution in Cuba July 30 is Day of the Martyrs of the Revolution in Cuba. It honors those who fell victims to the dictatorial regime of Fulgencio Batista. This particular date was chosen to commemorate the Cuban revolutionary Frank País.

Along with Fidel and Raúl Castro, Frank País was one of the key organizers of the 26th of July Movement. He was responsible for the coordination of the urban underground movement. While Fidel Castro's guerillas fought with Batista's forces in the Sierra Maestra mountains, País organized rebel campaigns in the country's major cities and towns. The urban underground movement was the strongest in Santiago de Cuba, the home city of País.

On November 30, 1956, País directed the uprising in Santiago de Cuba. In March 1957, he was detained by the police. País was acquitted two months later and had to hide in Santiago de Cuba due to systematic police searches. On July 30, 1957, the police surrounded the building where País was hiding and shot him when he tried to escape. His death sparked a general strike that became one of pivotal events of the Cuban Revolution.

The anniversary of País's death and the subsequent demonstration in Santiago da Cuba was later declared Day of the Martyrs of the Revolution. It is marked with solemn remembrance ceremonies.

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