World Freedom Day in Taiwan Date in the current year: January 23, 2024

World Freedom Day in Taiwan January 23 is celebrated as World Freedom Day in Taiwan. This memorial day marks the return of Taiwanese POWs after the end of the Korean War. The celebration is coordinated by the World League for Freedom and Democracy.

On January 23, 1954, over 14,000 Communist Chinese prisoners of the Korean War landed in the Port of Keelung, Taiwan. They grew disillusioned with Communist ideals and decided to seek freedom in Taiwan instead of returning to mainland China.

That same year representatives of Taiwan, the Philippines and South Korea founded the Asian People's Anti-Communist League (APACL). In 1990, the organization was renamed the World League for Freedom and Democracy (WLFD). The WLFD is an international NGO dedicated to promoting the values of democracy and freedom.

The Taiwanese chapter of the APACL established World Freedom Day (originally 123 Freedom Day) to mark the anniversary of the return of prisoners of war and celebrate freedom and democracy.

The main World Freedom Day event is held in Taipei, Taiwan. It is visited by WLFD delegates from all over the world. The celebration usually includes a congratulatory message delivered by the president of the Republic of China and cultural performances.

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