Maramag Day in the Philippines Date in the current year: July 1, 2024

Maramag Day in the Philippines Maramag Day (Araw ng Maramag) is a special non-working holiday in the Philippine municipality of Maramag, Bukindon. It is celebrated on July 1 to commemorate the town’s founding anniversary.

Maramag is a first-class municipality in the landlocked province of Bukindon in the Northern Mindanao region of the Philippines. It is bounded by the municipalities of Don Carlos, Pangatucan, Valencia, and Quezon. The closest highly urbanized city is Malaybalay, the provincial capital of Bukindon.

Maramag’s name is believed to derive from the Manobo expression “Ar ramag”, a contraction of the phrase “Ag ramag ki dini”, which can be roughly translated as “Let us eat breakfast here”. The origin of the name is explained in a local legend.

The story goes that two local peoples, the Manobos and the Maranaos, were in constant conflict for supremacy over the area. Before going to battle against each other, the opposing tribes would stop on the bank of the Pulangi River, set their breakfast on top of large flat stones, draw their battle plans, and have their pre-battle meals.

This practice remained common even during times of peace: the locals would invite those who happen to pass by to share meals with them as a sign of good faith. Eventually Maramag became a rest stop for travelers, hunters and warriors, where they could rest and have their meals. As the first Europeans, mainly Christian missionaries, arrived in the area, they too would stop at Maramag as a short respite as they traveled on foot from one valley to another. It was around that time that “Ar ramag” transformed into “Maramag”.

The history of Maramag as a settlement began in the early 20th century, when the Philippines was under the American administration. People from different parts of the country began to settle in the area and informally elected a leader (“Captain”) to preside over the local government. The system was not official, and Captains remained in office as long as they were faithful to their duty and had the ambition to lead.

This system of local government prevailed until World War II. During the war, Bukindon, along with the rest of the Philippines, was occupied with Japan. Following the liberation of the province in 1945, the first mayor was appointed as head of the municipal government. However, Maramag wasn’t officially created as a municipality until July 1, 1956. The anniversary of its establishment is now celebrated as Maramag Day.

Today, Maramag is a primarily agricultural municipality with a population of more than 108,000 people. It is home to a large banana plantation and inland aquaculture hatcheries. Other major industries include sugar processing, mulberry production, and the production of mineral and purified drinking water. Tourism is also a major economic sector in Maramag; there are several spring resorts scattered around the municipality. The town is also home to Central Mindanao University, one of the oldest premier universities in the southern Philippines and one of the leading agricultural universities in the country.

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