Černová Tragedy Day in Slovakia Date in the current year: October 27, 2024

Černová Tragedy Day in Slovakia Černová Tragedy Day is an official remembrance day in Slovakia. It's observed on October 27 to commemorate the Slovaks who were killed by Hungarian police in 1907.

The village of Černová (Csernova) is the native land of Andrej Hlinka, the Slovak parish priest and public activist, the leader of the Slovak People's Party, that fought for independence of Slovakia from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Hlinka initiated the building of a Catholic church in Černová and rose money for it. The building started in April 1907 and was finished by the autumn, the church was ready for consecration. At that time Hlinka was suspended by bishop Sándor Párvy and sentenced to two years of imprisonment. The villagers demanded to postpone the consecration of the church till Hlinka's release, but the bishop denied their request. He appointed Dean Martin Pazurik of Likavka to consecrate the church.

The ceremony was to take place on October 27, 1907. Pazurik arrived at the village accompanied by 15 gendarmes. The villagers gathered for peaceful protest and attempted to block the way to the church. The gendarme leader sergeant Ján Ladiczky ordered to open fire into the villagers, 15 were killed, 12 wounded and 40 injured.

This event is not forgotten and annually the Slovak nation observes Černová Tragedy Day.

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