Flag Day in Lithuania Date in the current year: January 1, 2024

Flag Day in Lithuania January 1 is Flag Day in Lithuania, the day when all the Lithuanians commemorate the raising of the flag on Gediminas' Tower in 1919.

The modern Lithuanian flag consists of three horizontal lines: yellow, green and red. The colors of the flag refer to the most popular colors in the Lithuanian clothes. Yellow is for sun, green is for grass and red is for blood shed for Lithuania.

The size of the flag and the ratio is standardized by the Law of Lithuania. According to the modern standards the ratio of both sides must be 3:5 and the standard flag size is 1 by 1.7 meters. The size of the flag can be changed but the ratio should be equivalent to the standard.

The tricolor flag of Lithuania was adopted on April 19, 1918 as a temporary one. This step was made during a drive when other European countries also changed their flags. The example for the Lithuanian tricolor was the French flag adopted after the French Revolution. Before that the only tricolor that was used in Lithuania was green, white and red flag, that represented Lithuania Minor.

During the Soviet rule in Lithuania the tricolor was changed and couldn't be used as the state flag. Instead of it there were two different flags. One of them was a red field with hammer and sickle and LIETUVOS TSR in Latin. This flag was used immediately after the end of World War II. The other flag was introduced in 1953 and it was a red flag with a hammer, sickle and a star on its field. At the bottom of the flag a small white and green horizontal bar was placed. This flag was used until 1988.

The modern flag of Lithuania was introduced during the moves of the government towards independence from Soviet Union. This tricolor flag was written into the New Constitution of Lithuania after it gained independence in 1992.

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