Remembrance Day of the Poznań June 1956 Date in the current year: June 28, 2024

Remembrance Day of the Poznań June 1956 June 28 is Remembrance Day of the Poznań June 1956 in Poland. This national holiday commemorates the anniversary of the Poznań protests, that took place in June, 1956.

The Poznań Uprising was a massive protest of the Polish against the totalitarian government of the People’s Republic of Poland. The mass demonstration started at Joseph Stalin's Metal Industries manufacturing complex (nowadays it's H. Cegielski Metal Industry Complex) and was joined by students and workers of other plants and institutions.

About 100,000 people gathered in the center of Poznań near the building of the Ministry of Public Security. The demonstrators demanded wage increases, lower food prices and revocation of some recent changes. At the beginning demonstration was bloodless, but later provocateurs came into action. This made Polish authorities use military forces to suppress the demonstration. About 400 tanks and 10,000 soldiers were sent to the center of Poznań. Clashes between two sides resulted in death of over 100 people, hundreds more were injured.

Remembrance Day of the Poznań June 1956 was established by the Polish parliament Sejm on June 21, 2006 on the 50th anniversary of the demonstrations. The first observation of this national holiday took place in 2006, it was attended by Presidents of Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary.

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