Memorial Day of Warriors-Internationalists Date in the current year: February 15, 2024

Memorial Day of Warriors-Internationalists February 15 is annual observance of Memorial Day of Warriors-Internationalists. This day honors warriors, who performed their duty outside their motherland.

This day is known under different names in different countries, but it doesn't change its essence. The observance was established on February 15 due to it's the last day of Soviet troops withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989.

Memorial Day of Warriors-Internationalists is observed in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The observance acquired an official status of memorial day in Russia in 2010. It's not a public holiday. In Ukraine the memorial day is called Day of Honoring the Combatants on the Territory of Other States. The holiday was created by Presidential Decree in 2004.

The veterans of war in Afghanistan and soldiers, who participated in other armed conflicts abroad, are honored on this day. Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian troops participated in armed conflicts in Vietnam, Korea, Egypt, Syria, Angola, Mozambique, Spain, Chile, Ethiopia, Yugoslavia, Cuba and the Middle East.

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