National Peacekeepers' Day in Canada Date in the current year: August 9, 2024

National Peacekeepers' Day in Canada August 9 is National Peacekeepers' Day in Canada. Although the holiday falls on August 9, the commemoration service can be observed on the closest Sunday.

On August 9 all Canadian veterans of military peacekeeping activities are commemorated. The date for the holiday was chosen to commemorate the events of August 9, 1974, when nine Canadian peacekeepers serving on ENEF II were killed in the aircraft over Syria. This incident is considered as the deadliest one in Canadian history of peacekeeping. Peacekeeper Park was created in Calgary, Alberta to honor this event. There is a memorial wall in the park with the names of all Canadian Forces members, who gave their lives on peacekeeping and peace support missions with NATO, the Untied Nations and other organizations since the end of World War II.

The Buffalo Nine monument was erected in Buffalo Park, that also commemorates the events of August 9, 1974. This monument consists of a propeller from the shot aircraft and a stone marker and plaque.

National Peacekeepers' Day was introduced in August 1993. In June 2003 Federal legislation made the day an official national day in Canada.

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