Day of Mourning in the Baltic Countries Date in the current year: June 14, 2024

Day of Mourning in the Baltic Countries June 14 is an official day of mourning in the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia). This day was set aside for remembrance of those who were exiled to Siberia as part of Soviet repressions in the Baltic states.

The Baltic states were occupied and annexed by the Soviet Union in 1940, as their territory lied within the Soviet sphere of influence according to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact signed between the USSR and Nazi Germany. Mass deportations began about a year later.

The first deportation took place on June 14, 1941. There was a secret document known as the Serov Instructions, which specified that the deportations would be carried out as secretly, quietly, and speedily as possible. Hundreds of families were sent to forced settlements in remote areas of the Soviet Union. June deportation of 1941 was followed by March deportation of 1949 codenamed Operation Priboi (Coastal Surf).

June 14 is observed as a remembrance day in all three Baltic States. In Estonia and Latvia, it is known as the Day of Mourning and Commemoration or Day of Remembrance for Victims of Soviet Terror. In Lithuania, this date is referred to as Mourning and Hope Day. It is marked with solemn ceremonies and demonstrations.

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