Birthday of Princess Benedikte of Denmark Date in the current year: April 29, 2024

Birthday of Princess Benedikte of Denmark Birthday of Princess Benedikte of Denmark is not widely celebrated outside the royal house, but it is still considered a special day in the country's calendar. It is celebrated on April 29.

Princess Benedikte was born on April 29, 1944 to Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Ingrid (future King Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid). Her birth took place when Denmark was occupied by Nazi Germany. She was the couple's second daughter, her elder sister Princess Margrethe was born in 1940.

In 1947, her father ascended the Danish throne upon the death of his father, King Christian X. In 1953, the new Danish Act of Succession was accepted that made it possible for a woman to inherit the throne. This made Benedikte second in the line of succession after her sister Margrethe.

In 1968, Benedikte married Richard, 6th Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg. The couple has three children together, Hereditary Prince Gustav, Princess Alexandra and Princess Nathalie. Since the children were raised outside of Denmark, they have no right to inherit the throne.

Princess Benedikte is involved in the scout/guide organization both in Denmark and internationally. She also has great interest in equestrian sport.

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