State Flag Day in Mongolia Date in the current year: July 10, 2024

State Flag Day in Mongolia Every July, Mongolians celebrate Naadam, a three-day midsummer festival that is regarded as the national holiday of Mongolia. Naadam is celebrated from July 11 to July 13, and the eve of the festival has been designated as State Flag Day.

Mongolia has had several national flags throughout its long history. The current flag of Mongolia was officially adopted on January 12, 1992, following the Mongolian Revolution of 1990 and the ensuing democratization of the country.

The national flag of Mongolia was designed by Dodiin Choidog. It consists of two vertical red stripes (hoist-side and fly-side) and a blue stripe in the middle. The color blue represents the blue sky of Mongolia, and the color red is a symbol of fire and a reminder of the victory of the Mongolian Revolution of 1921.

On the leftmost stripe, there is a yellow Soyombo symbol that serves as the national symbol of Mongolia. It has been present on the country’s national flag since the Mongolian Revolution of 1911, except for the period between 1940 and 1945 (World War II).

Most countries chose the date of their respective flag days to commemorate the adoption of the state flag. However, Mongolia is an exception. July 10 is the anniversary of the Mongolian Revolution of 1921 that resulted in the founding of the Mongolian People’s Republic.

Military parades to commemorate the victory of the revolution were held in the Mongolian People’s Republic regularly but not annually. They usually took place on jubilee years, for example, the 45th anniversary in 1966, the 60th anniversary in 1981, and the 70th anniversary in 1991.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union that resulted in a peaceful revolution in Mongolia, which used to be a satellite state of the USSR, the tradition of hosting military parades on July 10 was discontinued. An exception was made in 1996, when a parade was held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the revolution and the 790th anniversary of the founding of the Mongolian state.

Mongolian State Flag Day in its current form was established by the State Great Khural (Mongolian parliament) in 2008. Its first celebration in 2009 marked the inauguration of President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj. In addition to celebrating the national flag of Mongolia, State Flag Day commemorates the establishment of the Mongol Empire and the Bodg Khanate of Mongolia, the 1921 Mongolian Revolution, and the 1990 Democratic Revolution.

The annual military parade is the central event of State Flag Day. Presided over by the President of Mongolia, it takes place in the Sükhbaatar Square in Ulaanbaatar. Other festive events and activities include political speeches, a state awards ceremony, a wreath laying ceremony held at the monuments to Genghis Khan (the founder of the Mongol Empire) and Damdin Sükhbaatar (the leader of the 1921 revolution), concerts and fireworks.

State Flag Day kicks off the celebration of the Naadam festival, which is filled with even more festive events such as traditional wrestling, horse racing, and archery competitions.

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