Birthday of Eino Leino in Finland Date in the current year: July 6, 2019

Birthday of Eino Leino in Finland On July 6 each year, the Finns celebrate the birthday of Eino Leino, an outstanding poet who is considered one of the pioneers of the Finnish-language poetry. His birthday is a celebration of poetry and summer.

Eino Leino was born on July 6, 1878. He published his first poem when he was 12, and by age 18 had his first collection of poems published. Leino's talent was praised and loved by the critics. Leino also became an influential journalist.

After Finland gained independence, his idealistic political ideas collapsed, and his influence as a journalist weakened. But he was still writing poems and was publishing prolifically. In 1918, he was granted a State writer's pension.

Leino's most famous poem collections are Helkavirsiä (1903 and 1916). They are noted for the extensive use of Finnish folklore and mythology. The most frequent themes in Leino's poems are love, nature, and despair. Additionally, he made the first translation of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy into the Finnish language.

The birthday of Eino Leino is not on the list of Finland's official flag days, but there is a tradition to fly the flag of Finland on the occasion. The holiday's date is listed in the Finnish State Calendar which is compiled by the University of Helsinki.

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