Holocaust Remembrance Day in Bulgaria Date in the current year: March 10, 2024

Holocaust Remembrance Day in Bulgaria Thousands of Jews died during the Holocaust, organized by Nazi Germany during World War II. Their common graves can be found in many countries around Europe, including Bulgaria. Since 2013 Bulgarians annually observe Holocaust Remembrance Day on March 10.

The full official name of this observance is Holocaust Remembrance Day and the Day of the Salvation of the Bulgarian Jews and of the Victims of the Holocaust and of the Crimes against Humanity. It was initiated by the Bulgarian Jewish Association Shalom and the Sofia Regional Jewish Organization. In 2013 the Government of Bulgaria officially established this remembrance day to commemorate all attempts made by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, politicians and public figures to save Bulgarian Jews from deportation to the Nazi death camps.

In 1940 many discriminatory laws against Jews were adopted in Bulgaria. However, the laws were opposed by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in 1943, and this event is generally regarded as the beginning of the Jews saving process from death. It's estimated that the church and politicians saved about 50,000 Jews from deportation.

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