Solidarity Against Terrorism Day in Russia Date in the current year: September 3, 2024

Solidarity Against Terrorism Day in Russia Solidarity Against Terrorism Day is one of the memorial days in Russia. This day is observed every year on September 3 to commemorate the tragic events, that took place in the city of Beslan in 2004.

Beslan's Secondary School No. 1 was seized by the group of terrorists in the morning of September 1, 2004. More then 1,000 hostages were held in a mined building of the school. The siege lasted for 3 days.

On September 3 a bomb exploded in the gym of the school. This explosion was followed by the second one and the fire broke out at school. The burning roof of the school collapsed on the hostages, killing around 160 people.

The Federal Forces stormed in, killing 27 terrorists. The hostages were released, but there were too many causalities. During the crisis at least 396 people were killed (including 156 children) and 783 injured.

Solidarity Against Terrorism Day was established in the Russian Federation in 2005 in accordance with the law On Days of Military Glory of Russia. Victims of terrorism and enforcement officers, who died in the line of duty, are commemorated on this day.

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