Self-governance Day in Iceland Date in the current year: December 1, 2024

Self-governance Day in Iceland Self-governance Day is one of the important holidays celebrated in Iceland on December 1. This holiday was established to commemorate the anniversary of signing the Danish-Icelandic Act of Union, that officially recognized Iceland as a sovereign country.

The national movement toward independence rose in Iceland during the second half of the 19th century, when it was a part of Denmark. In 1874 Denmark granted Iceland a constitution and limited home rule. In 1904 it was expanded and the next important step was made on December 1, 1918, when Iceland and Denmark signed the Danish–Icelandic Act of Union, under which Iceland was recognized as a sovereign country in a personal union with Denmark.

Under the act the independent Kingdom of Iceland was founded, that lasted till June 17, 1944, when Iceland was proclaimed the republic.

Proclamation of the Kingdom of Iceland became the last important step towards full independence of Iceland from Denmark. Although Self-governance Day isn't a public holiday, many Icelanders, especially abroad, celebrate it as Independence Day.

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